Growing Up Brave: Expert Strategies for Helping Your Child Overcome Fear, Stress, and Anxiety

By Dr. Donna Pincus


When our children are born, we do everything we can to make sure they have love, food, clothing, and shelter. We read to them, play with them, and comfort them when they cry. But despite all this, one in five children today suffers from a diagnosed anxiety disorder, and countless others suffer from anxiety that interferes with critical social, academic, and physical development.

Dr. Donna Pincus, nationally recognized childhood anxiety expert, is here to help. In Growing Up Brave, Dr. Pincus helps parents identify and understand anxiety in their children, outlines effective and convenient parenting techniques for reducing anxiety, and shows parents how to promote bravery for long-term confidence. Perhaps your young child has trouble sleeping or separation anxiety, or your teen suffers from social anxiety or panic attacks--whatever the issue, Growing Up Brave can help.

Growing Up Brave: Expert Strategies for Helping Your Child Overcome Fear, Stress, and Anxiety  

Using methods based on cognitive behavioral therapy, you will learn to identify your child's fear and anxiety on the spectrum from normal and predictable to what might be cause for concern, to promote a secure attachment with your child in only five minutes a day, tools to foster coping skills in the face of anxiety-producing situations, strategies for reinforcing problem-solving behavior, adaptive parenting styles, and much more. Dr. Pincus includes stories from her practice of children--from preschoolers to teens--who have overcome their fear and anxiety through her step-by-step approach, as well as information on therapy and medication.

Whether your child has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or simply needs help navigating this increasingly stressful world, Growing Up Brave provides an essential toolkit for instilling happiness and confidence for childhood and beyond.

Editorial Reviews

"Growing Up Brave is an essential read for ALL parents, empowering them with proven strategies and practical advice. All children experience stress and fears in their development. This book is a manual for how to best respond in order to help children develop confidence and self-efficacy. Parents will be inspired to gain insight into their own reactions and utilize the clearly explained, scientifically supported techniques offered here. Dr. Pincus skillfully delineates what to do, and what not to do in responding to childhood anxiety." (Bonnie Zucker, Psy.D., author of Anxiety-Free Kids and Take Control of OCD )

"This is such a timely book, as our nation's children are more anxious than ever. It presents parents with a step-by-step guide to help their children deal with the ever encroaching stress and fears that our disconnected world is creating. Dr. Pincus empowers parents to use simple, scientifically established techniques to guide the development of competent and confident children. Growing Up Brave should be on every parent's bookshelf, especially parents whose children show signs of oversensitivity to everyday life, anxiety, and fearfulness." (John J. Ratey, MD, author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain )

"This is a wonderful book that should be helpful to any family today, especially those with fearful and anxious children (and parents). Dr. Pincus's most useful message is to teach parents to calm down, don't rush the child off to a psychiatrist for meds, don't jump to the conclusion that the child has an attentional or learning problem. Parents are usually the best resource when their child is under stress; Pincus teaches them, in very concrete and specific ways with many instantly recognizable examples, exactly how to provide what the child needs." (Richard O'Connor, PhD, author of Undoing Depression )

"Pediatricians and parents are concerned about the increasing use of anti-anxiety prescription drugs for children. Growing Up Brave gives children stress-busting skills so they will need less pills. I highly recommend it!"


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